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Contact us

楊戰 Alex Yang

Mobile: 0086-13925285903

E-mail: szllt@connectorllt.com

Skype: alex-llt

QQ: 2355908338


潘偉 Peter Pan

Mobile: 0086-13602580987

E-mail: sales01@connectorllt.com

Skype: peter-llt

QQ: 2355908335


歐陽菊香 Olina Ouyang

Mobile: 0086-13612969421

E-mail: sales02@connectorllt.com

Skype: olina10082

QQ: 2355908336


張彩霞 Dora Zhang

Mobile: 0086-13509618587

E-mail: sales03@connectorllt.com

Skype: sales03_1724

QQ: 2850566116


Company Contact Information:

Address: No.1-38, Jiahu Road, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

Postal Code: 518111

Tel: 86-755-84501636


Contact us

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